Meet the Founder

- Meet Giovanna Eastwood -

For this week's edition of "Meet the Maker", we've decided to stay close to home, and hear from our own founder Giovanna Eastwood!


Giovanna Eastwood, Founder of Ethical Collection London

(Founder, Giovanna Eastwood)


"We've been on the Ethical Collection journey for nearly 2 years - and every day presents new and exciting opportunities.


Throughout this journey we have worked with dozens of ethical artisans and sustainable designers from around the world, collaborated with local projects and engaged with thousands of our amazing customers and followers.


Our journey is only at its beginning, but in an increasingly uncertain world we remain completely committed to our key mission - to bring sustainable change to the fashion industry and all of our shopping habits, by showcasing the most beautiful works of sustainable, designers and artisans from around the world. Everything we do - from our sourcing, to our packaging, to the projects we commit to, to our social media - is all intended to support this singular aim.


It is not easy!! For us, our artisans or for our customers. We are all presented with easier, faster and in some cases cheaper options every day. It can be so easy to put our planet and the well-being of its people to one side, and continue to consume the expedient fast fashion as we have in the past. It is always difficult to embrace change - and it takes us all time and effort to think our decisions through. But the world is in great need of change - to protect the environment, to protect vulnerable communities and people, to preserve traditional design and techniques and to encourage individual creativity outside of mass production. And we want to help lead this change.


Mercado Global Artisans

(Artisans of Mercado Global)


We are very grateful to our amazing customers for embracing this with us - it really is each of you that deserves thanks and praise for making your contribution to this movement. And we hope of course that you are appreciating the absolute beauty of the products we are sourcing (as well as the manner in in which they are sourced)!


The good news is that ethical fashion movement is really gaining momentum. It is a great honour and responsibility to be a part of it - and we hope that, with your support, we can continue to provide an more inspiring and beautiful alternative to enjoying fashion.
In the past few months we have looked to make some changes - to make your experience with us more personal! From the website, to our newsletters, to our information blogs, to our social media pages.


Giovanna Eastwood, Founder of Ethical Collection London, and Raquel Valladares Urruela, Founder of Scalo 502

(Founder, Giovanna Eastwood and Founder of Scalo 502, Raquel Valladares Urruela)


This of course incudes our #MeettheMakers posts on Instagram this allows everyone to hear directly from our suppliers and see the transparency in the supply chains. Each company we work with knows the people who are working with them. They treat them fairly and pay them well. It's a collaboration with the artisan that creates beautiful products and meaningful stories.


We have also introduced Inspirational Women's Wednesday to shine a spotlight on the amazing women who have set up these incredible brands. From promoting talented artisans and keeping their skills alive to using sustainable materials and new carbon-footprint reducing technologies, they also celebrate how amazing it is to be a woman. I feel with everything that is going on in the world right now promoting the potential of women inspires us all to have a powerful purpose.


Finally, I believe that fashion should be fun! I try to curate pieces that are eclectic, unique and transcend trends - just like our customers! The Ethical Collection woman is uncompromising, innovative and fearless in her style. She, and her wardrobe, make a beautiful statement not only about style, but about the things that matter."


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