Kemp Blog Post

We are so excited to introduce our new brand Kemp! 


Founded in 2016 by Ellis Kemp Arizmendi and Maya Gadegaard and is based in Berlin, Germany they have developed a contemporary Women’s wear brand with sustainability at the heart!


We caught up with the lovely founders to find out more.



How would you describe your brand and customer?


KEMP GADEGÅRD is a studio that celebrates aesthetics, craftsmanship, and sustainability. It is a fashion label that designs and produces slow, well-crafted contemporary women’s wear - honest and timeless. Our customer is elegant and mindful, a consumer that looks for garments that combine good design, style and ethics.


Who would you like to collaborate with? 

We would love to collaborate with more shoe or accessory brands that are also working sustainably.


In what direction would the brand like to go in? 

We would like to expand into other areas of design, maybe through collaborations with different artisans.



What was the idea/inspiration behind the brand? 

Our mixed backgrounds in fashion, design, international relations and contemporary art came together to what KG is today. A vibrant mix of references and aesthetics.

For both of us, the ultimate goal was to create a business where we were empowering women working in the textile tradition, while also providing an alternative to the fast fashion system while offering a product that is exciting and contemporary.


What was the inspiration behind your collections?


Our collections are usually inspired by artists we admire and the natural world. The point of origin for our current collection for Spring Summer is the work of Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida. His oeuvre has inspired the in-house designed bold, yet delicate print as well as the colour palette, which takes the form of burnt sienna, morning greys, blacks, and whites.



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