Inspirational Women's Wednesday: Emilime

- Meet Emily Green -

There are many women who work with Ethical Collection London that have helped to create our amazing brand. In honour of these women, we are dedicating one day a week, Wednesday, to introduce them and celebrate their achievements. We sent each of the women seven questions to answer about their businesses, inspiration and life. This week, we would love to introduce you to the phenomenal Emily Green of Emilme.


Each Emilime piece is handmade by Peruvian artisans in both alpaca and Andean sheep wool. Working side-by-side with key material providers in Peru, the brand is involved in all development, design and production phases. Emilime empowers a network of artisan partners, with the belief that investment in relationships, innovations and education will create thriving individuals and communities.


Emily Green, founder of Emilime

(Founder, Emily Green)

What do you love the most about your job?
I love the development process. It is so satisfying to come up with the initial idea, design it, work through it with both the team and the artisans, and then see a product come in. There is such a strong emotional connection for me. If I don’t have that instant reaction with a piece, it normally doesn’t get included in the collection. 


How do you balance work/home life?
That is something I haven’t quite mastered yet. One thing that I do is go to yoga class after work. That forces me to get out the door by a certain time and enter into relaxation mode. Then I can go home and enjoy being with my husband after already doing the work to disconnect. Another one is not checking my email when I wake up or go to bed. It is important to let your brain turn off.
What achievements are you most proud of in business and or life?!
Starting a business from scratch in Peru. There were so many risks and unknowns involved. I learned how to manage people of all different ages, backgrounds, and experience. I also got to watch all our artisan groups grow alongside us. It has been so important to my experience and business to be operating in country instead of just visiting. We have been able to have stronger relationships and make better product because of it.


Who do you admire and why?
My maternal grandmother. She was an artist and created something every day of her life. I am surrounded by her paintings, hand loomed carpets, wall hangings, and all her amazing experiments. She was never afraid to try something new and she was a total rebel. She was a nurse in WWII where she met my grandfather and then they moved to Texas where she began her artistic journey. She was actually able to make money being an artist and was a contributor to the household when many of her contemporaries couldn’t work. Her 7 granddaughters would come over every Saturday and she would give us all art lessons. I learned how to decoupage, paint, draw, sew, collage, enamel, and build a killer gingerbread house. 


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