Interview with Dress Like A Mum

 Please can you tell us a bit about yourself and why you started up #dresslikeamum.
Hello, i’m Zoë i’m from London and live in Peckham, I have a husband Ben and 2 kids (Art is 3 and a half, Delphine is 18 months).
I started DLM to challenge myself not to fall into the lazy trap of throwing on a t-shirt and jeans each day (which I did do during my first maternity leave with my son). 
People seem to put stereotypes in boxes, and judge you. You become quite open to criticism if you wear something "out of the norm". I researched what a mum was supposed to look like and everything seemed so negative so then i was like right I want to change this negative into a positive.

Your blog is super successful - what do you think has driven this success and why has your story and blog resonated with your readers?
I am doing something positive, asking people to join me and just having fun with it, not taking it to serious! It is really positive.
Previously working in Brand Building there is a formula to a successful blog/social media. Once my Instagram got bigger, I wanted not to go away from its original layout, fun, mix of high street and boutiques.
Create original Content 
 Have a schedule (trainers Tuesday  Friday Lunge).  People like to know what they get. And in a way have something to look forward to each day.  I have a rough layout, as I know things pop up such as mothers day.
Many of our readers are mothers, what style advice would you give them?
If you like something wear it!! I love dungarees, as they are super comfortable and also hide your tummy!!  Cross body bags are great when you need both your hands free for the little ones! Don't take it to seriously .
I encourage mothers to not lose their style. iF you want to wear something try it out, go for it!!!



Do you feel there is more awareness of where a customers clothes have come from?
There is definitely more awareness!! It is like with food, people are becoming more health conscious so the next natural step is clothing and then perhaps beauty and haircare products. When I was a kid, a pair of Tophsop jeans were such a treat but now people just go to a shop like Premark and buy so much. A shocking stat is that an average pieces of clothing is worn ONLY 6 times.   Though unless people don't know the impact they will not change. There is a significant lack of certification for clothing, All clothing should be tagged if they have been made under fair-trade working conditions.
My go to eco brands.....
Eco Conscious at H&M - They have introduced a conscious section. Great for mothers due to its comfort and affordability! They produce one type of fabric and re sell it back to customers. They do all these things and don't promote it enough.
 Ethical Collection London - It is so nice going to a site and trusting everything you buy. With a great mix of pieces. 


Zoe's favourites from ECL - Alpaca Nyxa Scarf, Ostrich Leather BagBeach Dress
What are the stylish staples that every mother should have in their wardrobe and tricks for dressing while you have toddlers running about!?
Dungarees -dress it up, wear in summer, or in winter. Very versatile. Looks great with stripes underneath, a polo-neck or with a cardigan on colder days.
Metallic Shoes 
I decide on the day in my morning shower what I am going to wear and then once I am out I am on a mission!!! Shower, Style and Kids!!!!
Tell us about your instagram, why do you think it has become so popular?
It is fun! I feel that mum's do not have much time therefore it is easier just to see an outfit I wear on my instagram for some quick style advise.
My first big collaboration was with Clarks. Who have loads of heritage and potential. And they found me through my hashtag #dresslikeamum and asked if I would like some shoes. I was introduced to Asos aswell which was a big deal, and they gave me some clothes to advertise. Similar with Topshop. Who gave me a gift voucher to give out since everyone loved my dungarees.
People who follow are mainly mothers and only follow a quality of people. Therefore I will have more of an affect on them. 
What were the biggest challenges you faced?
Time time time and money, at the beginning it was hard to do this full time, though I am getting more traction and therefore have started to earn.
When I started out I emailed many brands to ask for pieces to promote, though I never heard back from them until quite recently. Where I have had more recognition.
Anything exciting lined up for the future?
Yes!! I am thinking of starting my own youtube channel, for style advice, and showcasing some of my favourite brands. Also perhaps working with Instagram, on a new mums net kind of approach page!!!
THANKS SO MUCH TO ZOE! For speaking to us.... visit her site here


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