Sidai collaborate with Maasai women to produce and market unique, hand made, high-end beaded jewellery using traditional techniques. By bringing these products to international markets, they help drive the demand that preserves the beading traditions and helps to economically sustain women and their families. Working with the Maasai women means more to Sidai than just the empowerment and benefit it can bring to the individual, it is also about engaging a community. Their organisation is built on strong ethical principles and guiding values, creating hope and pride among the Maasai community. Utilising traditional craftsmanship empowers the women and builds a foundation for continued development. Not only are social benefits strived for, the brand also uses recycled materials as the backbone for many of their products, reducing the volume of waste created and energy required.

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During the rite of passage from boyhood to manhood, the young Maasai male strips his body of colour, adorning it with white over a black shuka. Inspired by this significant event in the young males life, this 8.5" Leather bracelet is decorated with beautiful white and gold glass beads. Made...
£110.00 £126.00
Inspired by male warriors who were adorned with beaded armour from the wives. This piece preserves traditional methods using thread salvaged from old grain sacks and boning from plastic canisters. A 36" multi strand grey and white glass beaded flexible necklace woven together with recycled thread.     Made in Tanzania  ...
£20.00 £50.00
The ‘endito’ collection draws inspiration from an emerging group of young Maasai girls who explore the local markets in search of new designs from around the world. A long beaded necklace, decorated with blocks of zebra beading and recycled brass beads. The necklace can be worn at various lengths or wrapped...
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A 32" Multi Wrap tri-color beaded bracelet with blocks of 24K gold plated glass beads and finished with 14K gold fill closure.   Made in Tanzania  


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